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What to give your teenager for their birthday

If there’s anything we can say for certain about teenagers, it’s that picking a gift that will delight and impress them is no easy feat. And when they fall into the socially-conscious Generation Z, or Gen Z, the task only becomes trickier.

The good news is, while teens these days might be hard to understand, data is not. So, let’s turn to the data to find out what would make a great gift for your teenager for their next birthday, special occasion, or holiday.

Gifts for the animal lover

Teens are more impact-focused than any other generation. This means they gravitate toward items that have a social benefit, are environmentally-friendly, or that give back to causes they care about.

In 2021, animal welfare was the number one cause that people chose to support through charity in the United States, and Gen Z were the second most frequent donors (behind Millennials).

Consider giving your teen a pack of reusable straws (save the turtles!) or a t-shirt that gives back to an animal welfare organization. We love these t-shirts from the brand Puppies Make Me Happy that donate proceeds to animal rescues. Extra brownie points if you use their rescue locator and buy your teen a rescue puppy, instead!

Consider gifting reusable straws or a t-shirt to your animal-loving teen

Gifts for the tech-savvy teen

One of the major defining characteristics of Gen Z is that they tend to be more technologically savvy than any other generation before them.

Consider gifting your tech-savvy teen a cryptocurrency “gift card” from Stack (that’s us!). Even if you don’t understand crypto yet, your teen does. 95% of them have access to a smartphone, after all.

Monetary gift for teen

What's better than cash? Digital cash

The other thing is, Gen Z doesn’t want superfluous gifts; they want to receive something that matters. Plus, we probably don’t need to remind you that your teen is developing a mind of their own. A gift of crypto will become more meaningful - and more valuable - over time as the emerging medium of exchange becomes popular. And with Stack, they’ll be able to determine how they spend (or don’t spend) their digital cash when the time comes.

For the trendy teen

While teens' tastes in fashion change as often as the weather, some things will always be classic. You can’t go wrong with a comfy, sustainable Patagonia pullover. Their Synchilla Snap-T pullovers come in tons of colors, too, so you can help your teen show off their personality.

Patagonia pullover sweater

A cozy pullover is always in style

If you’re up for it, you can also check out Patagonia’s used gear site, Worn Wear, where you can shop for pre-loved pieces at a fraction of the price. Trust us, the sustainable play will win you some bonus points with this generation.

Happy shopping!

Hopefully by now you’ve been inspired by our gift ideas for your teenager. Whichever direction you go, we’re sure your teen will be grateful you thought of them, and happily surprised by how perfect your pick was for them. Happy shopping!

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