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Should I Help My Kids Invest In Crypto?

If you’re a parent wondering whether cryptocurrency deserves a spot in the portfolio of investments for your child, then you’ve come to the right place. Over the past year, we’ve talked to hundreds of parents about crypto investing and what it would mean for their kids to get involved in this market. Nearly every parent — even the biggest skeptics — has come to see that helping young people to invest in crypto is an opportunity to build a solid nest egg for their futures, diversify their portfolios, teach them to be financially responsible, and to encourage and reward curiosity.

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Help your kids invest in their futures

Sure, nobody knows what the future holds for digital currency. The same thing can be said about the stock market, though! The beauty of investing is taking a calculated risk — not avoiding it entirely. So, although holding an asset through its ups and downs can feel like a challenge, it’s a good lesson in investing, and the inherent volatility of crypto may prove to be the best lesson of all. The good news is, the earlier your kids invest, the more time they have to wait out any slumps and watch their investments grow.

Diversify your kids’ financial portfolios

Diversification is a major pillar of any solid investing strategy. The basic idea of diversification is that having a mix of assets allows you to manage risk and increase your odds of seeing positive performance.

Traditionally, portfolios include investments that perform differently in similar markets. That usually means owning a mix of stocks, bonds, cash, and even gold or art. Today, there’s a new asset class in town: digital currency. While crypto has high potential for reward, with that often comes greater volatility. That’s why it can be a fantastic addition to a balanced portfolio.

Teach your children to be financially responsible

Speaking of volatility, the gains and losses your children will experience with any investment, but particularly with cryptocurrency, will help teach them to be financially responsible. They’ll learn the benefits of becoming passive investors and long-term holders, and the risks of jumping in or out of investments too soon — or too late.

That truth is actually one of the main reasons we chose to build Stack as a crypto platform, as opposed to stock investing. When you help your kid(s) invest in crypto by signing up as a custodian of their Stack account, you also sign them up for an incredible opportunity to learn.

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Encourage and reward curiosity

Young, active minds should be encouraged and rewarded for learning. By supporting your children’s interest in cryptocurrency investing, you’re also supporting their propensity to be curious and open-minded.

Think about the people who indulged their curiosity about the internet in its early days. They became billionaire entrepreneurs, leaders, and CEOs. Crypto is the next financial frontier, and the early adopters stand to win the biggest. Want your kids to be part of that group? Sign up for the Stack app.

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