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Geek Wire

Seattle startup Stack wins $100K top prize in Madrona Venture Labs’ Launchable Web3 event.

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PS Partners

40 Under 40: Meet Will Rush, a zen fintech founder who wants to educate your kids about crypto.

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Seattle startup Stack wants to help teens invest
in cryptocurrency.

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Yahoo! Finance

Robinhood Stock Is Still Far From Safe.

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Built In

For Tech Startups, the Future of Growth Is All Fun and Games.

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Meet the 4 new startups joining a fintech incubator run
by BECU and UW in Seattle.

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Built In

Stack Wants to Teach Teens About Investing Through Gamified Crypto Platform.

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Poets and Quants

2021 Most Disruptive MBA Startups:
Stack, University of Washington (Foster).

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