A Letter from Us to You

Dear Investor,


You may not know it yet, but you are capable of financial success. In our modern era it may seem impossible to stay educated on the latest technology. The mad dash to bitcoin, blockchain and NFTs can often make it feel like you’ve missed the boat. I’m here to tell you that by simply taking the time to read this today, you have taken the first step towards empowerment. A future of positive financial outcomes awaits you.


When I created the vision for Stack, I had one mission in mind: to make modern finance more approachable for everyone. I wanted to create something that wasn’t just another finance app. It needed to be fun, easy to digest and automate good financial behavior. I asked myself why, after so much innovation in finance, did half the population still not own an investment account. After interviewing hundreds of people, the story started to come into focus…


Finance apps all feel the same. It’s something you check once a month and otherwise don’t engage in. What’s more, complex financial terms and graphs as well as poorly designed user interfaces make finance a chore. This all assumes that you even have enough inertia to get involved in the first place. By our research, the vast majority of people who have a positive feeling towards finance get started at a young age. Their parents open a bank account for them, or a grandparent starts an investment account in their name.


I was lucky to be one of these people. When I was in middle school my parents put away a small mutual fund in my name. I would end up using the proceeds from it to pay the security deposit on my first apartment. My first independent financial experience, however, was much less sentimental. I opened a bank account in college at the closest bank branch to my college dorm. In my first month, I failed to track my finances appropriately and got charged with a $40 overdraft fee. I instantly felt ‘put off’ by the financial system. As a comedian once said, “they are charging me more money… for not having enough money?” There had to be a better way.


We built Stack to look nothing like other finance apps. We almost don’t even consider it a finance app altogether. Stack was built at the cross-section of video game culture and financial education. We embedded foundational financial strategy into the most cutting-edge products such as digital assets, NFT’s and blockchain. Then we tailored our user experience to be approachable at the beginning of anyone’s financial journey. Not only do we encourage these strategies, but we reward them. We make learning about cutting-edge finance fun and simple. This cycle of learning hands-on with real money, getting rewarded and creating wealth over time perpetuates our core values at Stack.


We can’t wait to be the next chapter in your financial journey. We have BIG plans for Stack and you! I personally can’t wait to have you along for the ride.



-Will Rush, Founder & CEO of Stack

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